Setting Your Intentions

Why learn about your moon cycle?

Civilization’s way of tracking time was born out of the lunar rhythms of a woman’s monthly cycle, or Moon cycle. The origins of the word, Moon, come from the words "month" and "menses" both in Old English and Greek. This is where we get the words month, menstruation, menarch, and many more words with “me”- to measure.

There was a time, before our mothers and our grandmothers and perhaps even their mothers, where all life and time was governed by the menstrual cycle. Before artificial light, hormone disrupting diets and the rise of hormonal birth control, most women would experience their period together on the New Moon and would ovulate at the Full Moon.

This cycle is our default setting and it’s only been until fairly recently that we have disrupted our own biology.

Rather than blame the generations that came before us, for allowing this ancient wisdom to be lost, we can reclaim this knowledge and dive deep into our cyclical nature. You have taken the initiative upon yourself to be both a Mother and a Wise Woman for yourself and the little girl that still lives inside of you. What an honor it is to witness this brave act of self-love.

For me, my life changed when I learned about my monthly cycle. My health improved because I was able to get more rest when I needed and eat right for my body type. My anxiety went away because I learned to accept myself and my natural cycles of ups and downs. My relationships became more fulfilling because I was able to be more present and more truthful.

Now that you've begun this journey, I'm confident and excited that you'll discover these simple ways to take charge of your health and align your life to how you want to feel!

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